11/07/2019 – No additional information provided by INTREC this week.

INTREC’s forecast document updated: 02/07/2019 [link]


The ANFF West Labs will be closed to all users at 6am on 19 JULY (FRI) and reopen to users on 24 JULY (WED) at 8am.

During the contractor’s morning shift (5:30-14:00) period between 3 JULY – 3 SEPT, the WEST WHITE area will remain accessible at all times between 3-18 JULY, and 24-28 July.

All bonders, scriber and the Cascade probestation will be moved to the Chemical Science Building (F10) Rm 822 on 8 JULY (weather permitting) and be available on 9 JULY. We are running group induction for building and lab access. Please click [here] to select your preferred time


Both Chamber A & B of the laser MBE will be offline between 13-14 July (weekend)

 INTREC’s forecast document updated: 27/06/2019 [link]

Between the 3-19 JULY, the contractor’s morning shift will only affect the west grey area. The west while area will remain accessible as per usual during that period.

3 JULY – 30 SEPT: contractor’s morning shift starts (5:30AM – 2PM) → west lab only available in the afternoon. Please note this is our current best estimate and it may change.

8 JULY: The scriber, cascade probestation and some of the bonders are to be relocated to F10 Rms 823, 822 on the 8th of July (Monday)

INTREC’s forecast document updated: 19/06/2019 [link]

The white and grey areas of the west lab will be offline between 22-23 of June (weekend) for shutting down Air Handling Unit the to remove ductwork under access floor.

ANFF will start preparing the tools in the west lab ready to be accessible

The bonders, scriber and cascade probestation are to be relocated to F10 Rms 823, 822 on the 8th of July (Monday).