What’s happening? 

Starting June 2019, ANFF-NSW facilities will go through a three-stage laboratory upgrade plan that will accommodate approx. $5M worth of new tools and infrastructure, as part of the capital update awarded in 2018 [link]. All in all, we expect the lab modification work to be completed in Dec 2019. During different stages of this work, various parts of the facilities will be offline, and we are working closely with Estate Management and the contractors to minimize disruptive to our users.

To minimise major ANFF lab outages, we will be taking the unusual approach of executing the lab refurbishment in parallel with ongoing lab usage.  This novel approach will mitigate long shutdown periods.  The following approaches will be applied, and were in fact embedded into the tender specification:

Split-shift works:   contractors will work in the morning, with the lab returned to research use each afternoon
Weekend/Extended-Weekend works:  work will be focused into weekends (with the option of extension days) where longer blocks of works & facility shutdowns are required
User consultation:  Users will be kept in the loop to consult on shutdown timings and provide advanced warning to enable research planning around outages. (e.g. via regular emails, scheduler announcements, and a dedicated area of the ANFF web page).

NOTE:  This will be the general approach, but in some cases there may be unavoidable extended outages (e.g. the MBE lab).  Longer outage periods will be accompanied with longer advanced warning and additional consultation (e.g. consultation with MBE users).

Where will the existing tools be relocated to?

Disruption Forecasts

Two-weekly forecast summary (updated 11/12/19) 

Lower East LAB 

The new fumehoods require minor modification work and are offline until 16/12. 

Upper East LAB

The new fumehoods require minor modification work and are offline until 17/12

The HF constant temperature bath will be moved back to the upper east on 16/12. 

The annealing furnaces are expected to go online from 12/12. The rest of the furnaces will be available after the 16/12 

The Oxford PECVD is further delayed because we need further safety documents from ABM for the modified toxic gas delivery system. ETA is 17/12 

HC-RIE is offline but can be made available upon request (due to commissioning work for the LPCVD) 

Longer term forecast (update as information become available)

Shutdown Schedule Overview (Updated: 18/09/2019) [pdf download]

Click [here] for latest 2-weekly forecast documents from INTREC and history