East Laboratories:

The ANFF-NSW East laboratories are housed in a two-storey cleanroom complex which has been in operation since 1995.

The Lower East lab comprises:

50 m2 of ‘White Area’ cleanroom (ISO5/Class 100) dedicated to electron beam lithography, thin film deposition and supporting processes.

30 m2 of ‘Grey Area’ cleanroom (ISO7/Class 10,000) housing the Node’s wafer dicing facilities.

60 m2 of plant.

The Upper East lab comprises:

50 m2 of ‘White Area’ cleanroom (ISO5/Class 100) housing optical lithography tools and supporting processes as well as a bank of high temperature furnaces for core Si-MOS oxidation, diffusion and annealing processes.

90 m2 of ‘Grey Area’ cleanroom (ISO7/Class 10,000) accommodating a suite of plasma etch and deposition tools as well as PDMS processing facilities.

Special Gases System:

The Special Gases System (SGS) comprises all plant for the storage and distribution of hazardous (ie. toxic, corrosive or flammable) gases to the ANFF-NSW laboratories. A rooftop gas facility (30 m2 of plant space) located on the roof of the ANFF-NSW East Laboratories provides gas bottle storage, monitoring, alarms and abatement systems along with process tool exhaust extraction and treatment units.

West Laboratory:

The ANFF-NSW West laboratory has been in operation since 2009, having been fitted out with NSW State Government funding received upon the Node’s establishment. Much of the new equipment purchased with Federal government funding to the Node since 2007 has been installed in this laboratory, which comprises the following zones:

80 m2 of ‘White Area’ cleanroom (particle count equivalent to ISO5/Class 100) which is home to the Node’s flagship Raith 150TWO electron beam lithography system along with optical lithography, thermal processing and atomic layer deposition tools and supporting processes.

110 m2 of ‘Grey Area’ cleanroom (ISO6/Class 1,000) housing a range of thin film deposition tools and a dry etching system along with a suite of tools for device characterisation, packaging and bonding.

100 m2 of plant.

South Laboratory:

Established in 2014, the South Laboratory is a world class Epitaxial Growth facility (160m2) hosting a Veeco III-V molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system and Pascal dual chamber Laser-MBE system along with sample preparation areas.