Prince Mathew is working as a Senior Technical Officer. His primary responsibility is maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair of semiconductor laboratory process equipment including ultra-high vacuum systems, power supplies, plasma tools, UV lithography tools, high temperature furnaces and ovens and metrology tools. He also takes care of completing maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair work on laboratory infrastructure systems including gas delivery systems, water purification plant, PLC, SCADA and HVAC equipment. He is also skilled in maintenance of sophisticated gas storage and delivery system for flammable, toxic and corrosive gases.

Prince started his career in 2001 as a Technical Assistant at R & D of Presevi Controls Limited, Chennai, India after completing Diploma in Electronics Engineering from State Technical Directorate. In 2004 he started working as an Equipment Maintenance Technician at ST Microelectronics, Singapore. In 2007 he joined Halliburton, USA, and worked as a Design and Troubleshooting technician in their PCB Lab. In 2010, Prince moved to Australia and worked for Groundsearch Australia as an Electronics Engineer. Prince graduated in his bachelor’s degree in 2012 from Vidyapeeth University, India. In November 2014 started as a Technical officer at ANFF,UNSW.