Fay divides her time between the roles of ANFF-NSW Process Manager and Senior Research Fellow in Prof. Dzurak’s research program.

Fay received a BSc (Hons) in Physics in 1997 and a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics in 2000 from the University of Leeds, UK, where she studied the electrical and magnetic properties of multilayered magnetic structures for applications such as GMR (giant magnetoresistance), spin valves, magnetic sensors and magnetic memory. Since joining Prof. Dzurak’s research team at UNSW in 2001, she has broadened her fabrication expertise to encompass micro- and nano-fabrication of nanoelectronic devices and silicon qubits, such as electron beam and photo lithography, high quality oxidation processes, solid source wafer doping as well as a number of deposition, etching and metrology techniques.

Email: f.hudson@unsw.edu.au