Andrew and his team have developed a range of patented nanotechnologies that will be required for silicon quantum computing, which will have major applications in the finance, security and healthcare sectors. Andrew is a Director of the company Qucor Pty Ltd, which was established to commercialize this research. He is a regular invited speaker at international conferences on quantum computing and nanotechnology, and has served on numerous advisory bodies including the Expert Working Group for the 2012 Australian National Nanotechnology Strategy, for the Australian Academy of Science, the Expert Working Group for the DIISR 2008 Roadmap Review of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, and the Scholar Selection Committee of the Cambridge Australia Trust. In 2011 Andrew was elected to a UNSW Scientia Professorship, the highest academic rank within the university, for his research achievements.

Since 2010 Andrew has published 10 papers in the prestigious Science and Nature group journals, including 4 seminal papers in Nature that have demonstrated the world’s first one- and two-qubit quantum logic calculations in silicon chip devices. In total he has published well over 100 scientific papers and is a co-inventor on 11 patent families. In 2011 Andrew shared the Australian Eureka Prize for Scientific Research, and in 2012 was awarded the New South Wales Science and Engineering award for Excellence in Engineering and Information and Communications Technologies.