Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak

Node Director

Andrew and his team have developed a range of patented nanotechnologies that will be required for silicon quantum computing, which will have major applications in the finance, security and healthcare sectors. Andrew is a Director of the company Qucor Pty Ltd, which was established to commercialize this research. He is a regular invited speaker at international conferences on quantum computing and nanotechnology, and has served on numerous advisory bodies including the Expert Working Group for the 2012 Australian National Nanotechnology Strategy, for the Australian Academy of Science, the Expert Working Group for the DIISR 2008 Roadmap Review of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, and the Scholar Selection Committee of the Cambridge Australia Trust. In 2011 Andrew was elected to a UNSW Scientia Professorship, the highest academic rank within the university, for his research achievements.

Since 2010 Andrew has published 10 papers in the prestigious Science and Nature group journals, including 4 seminal papers in Nature that have demonstrated the world’s first one- and two-qubit quantum logic calculations in silicon chip devices. In total he has published well over 100 scientific papers and is a co-inventor on 11 patent families. In 2011 Andrew shared the Australian Eureka Prize for Scientific Research, and in 2012 was awarded the New South Wales Science and Engineering award for Excellence in Engineering and Information and Communications Technologies.

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Professor Simon Fleming

USyd Academic Director

Simon is Deputy Director of the ANFF-NSW Node and the Academic Director of the University of Sydney facility. His background is in photonics, focusing mainly on optical fibre, spanning from materials and fabrication through to devices.

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Dr Matthew Boreland

Facility Business Manager

As the NSW Node’s Facility Business Manager, Matt is responsible for strategic development and high level operational control in line with University and government priorities and research goals. He was appointed to this role in 2017 after many years of international experience is research and research/facility management.

Dr Matt Boreland has over twenty-five years’ experience in the field of photovoltaics, renewables and semiconductors, predominantly at the industry-research interface, with international experience in Australia (UNSW, Sydney University), Japan (Toyota Technological Institute), the UK (Loughborough University) and Singapore (UNSWASIA, NUS). He received his BSc(hons) in Physics and his PhD in photovoltaics (PV) at UNSW. To date he has been directly involved in attaining in excess of AUD 30 million of industrial and public funding for photovoltaic research in the UK, Singapore and Australia. In addition to research expertise, he has a diversity of experience in engineering, management and academic roles up to Director and Associate Professor levels. Following his PhD he was a JSPS Postdoctoral at the Toyota Technological Institute in Japan. He then joined the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) as an academic at Loughborough University in 2002 where he led R&D and teaching programs in PV, subsequently taking a joint-appointment at Sydney University in 2004 to also lead their industrial solar thermal R&D. In 2008 he was a founding member of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) as the Deputy Director (later Director) of the Silicon Cluster and Head of Production Technologies, where he established SERIS’ $15M pilot line for Si PV R&D and leading industrial R&D programs in silicon photovoltaics. Dr Boreland returned to UNSW in 2013 to the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering as Associate Professor. In 2017 he accepted the role as Business Facility Manager at the NSW Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) located at UNSW.

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Dr Nadia Court

Technical Director

Nadia is the Technical Director of the ANFF-NSW University of Sydney site based in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub. Her areas of expertise include nanofabrication and thin film deposition.

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Gordon Bates

Laboratory Technical Manager

Gordon leads the ANFF-NSW technical team who work to keep the ANFF-NSW laboratories and tooling up and running. He liaises closely with the Facility Manager, Process Engineering team, UNSW Facilities, commercial suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure the ANFF-NSW cleanrooms, tooling and supplies are always on hand to meet the demands of the ANFF-NSW research community.

Coming from an industrial design background, Gordon built up extensive experience  in cleanroom design and operation prior to taking on the role of Laboratory Manager of the Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (from which the ANFF-NSW laboratories developed) in 2006. He has been instrumental in the specification, design and setup of ANFF’s newer laboratories and the upkeep and improvement of the pre-existing facility.

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Dr Fay Hudson

ANFF-NSW Process Manager

Fay Hudson divides her time between the roles of Process Manager with ANFF and Senior Research Fellow in Prof. Dzurak’s research program. Having been a member of Prof. Dzurak’s research team at UNSW since 2001, her expertise is in micro- and nano-fabrication of nanoelectronic devices and silicon qubits, such as electron beam and photo lithography, high quality oxidation processes, wafer doping as well as a number of deposition, etching and metrology techniques. In 2011, she joined ANFF as Process Manager.

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Dr Andrew See

Facility Projects Manager & Senior Process Engineer

Andrew is the Facility Projects Manger at ANFF-NSW. He is former Senior Process Engineer, and his areas of expertise include UV photolithography and electron beam lithography. As an joint area supervisor, he is responsible for the operations in the lower east cleanroom facility.

In addition to process development, Andrew also actively participates in a number of research projects that involve device design, fabrication, as well as low temperature electrical characterizations.

Andrew received his PhD in Experimental Semiconductor Physics from UNSW with educational backgrounds in research commercialization, optoelectronics, and computer science. Prior to joining ANFF in 2015, he has worked as a Research Fellow in the School of Physics at UNSW where he investigated dopant-less GaAs nanoelectonics, as well as amorphous silicon spintronic devices.

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Operations Team

Anna Adams

Executive Assistant to Director

Anna provides executive support to the ANFF-NSW Node Director and administrative support to the ANFF-NSW team. Anna ensures the efficient management of the ANFF-NSW office functions.

Anna has extensive secretarial and office management experience gained from working in the banking and finance industries prior to joining ANFF in 2017.

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Nora Cowen

Senior Administrative Officer

Nora provides senior administrative and office management support to the Operations Manager and Facility Business Manager on research and strategic activities including reporting and procurement. Nora oversees the management of the ANFF user billing process providing advice and troubleshooting.

Nora joined the ANFF-NSW team in 2013 and brings extensive office management and executive secretarial experience gained from working in both the private and tertiary sectors.

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Dolores Dunn

Senior Administration Officer

Dolores is the Senior Administration Officer for the ANFF-NSW University of Sydney site and is responsible for purchasing, event management, and general administration.

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Karen Jury

Operations Manager

Karen is the ANFF-NSW Operations Manager, leading the operations team who contribute to the overall management and coordination of the business functions of the ANFF-NSW Node.

Karen joined ANFF-NSW in 2009, following nine years working in CQC2T. Karen has worked with Professor Andrew Dzurak across both research facilities since 2000.

Karen has extensive experience within UNSW, spanning across 32 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience working across different work structures and disciplines within UNSW. Karen’s management expertise encompasses financial, human resources and project management. Karen received her Diploma of Human Resources Management in 1996.

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Julie Miller

Business Manager

Julie’s role is Business Manager for the ANFF-NSW University of Sydney site and she is responsible for implementing a variety of business systems in the facility, as well as stakeholder management.

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Isabel Prone

Operations Manager

Isabel is the Operations Manager for ANFF-NSW University of Sydney and is responsible for marketing, communications, and finance. Her background is in public health, clinical trials, and research support.

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Rex Wang

Business Process Administrator

Rex is responsible for identifying, designing, and analysing business processes, procedures and work practices. He is skilled in data analytics, data visualisation and business process management. He has a Master of Commerce (MCom) degree focused in big data in business, business analytics and business information systems from University of Sydney.

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Lucy Wong

Senior Finance Officer

Lucy is the ANFF-NSW Senior Finance Officer, responsible for the financial management functions of the ANFF-NSW Node. Lucy joined ANFF-NSW in 2018. She came to UNSW from the private sector where she worked extensively in internal auditing and risk management roles. Lucy is a UNSW Business School alumni and Chartered Accountant.

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Sharmin Ghoreishi

Technical Analyst , Digital Systems & Data Management

Sharmin has more than 14 years of experience in different roles in projects and IT. Sharmin joined the Research and Prototyping Foundry (RPF) team from January 2022 from Sydney Uni ICT support as our Technical Analyst (Digital Systems & Data Management). Her role is to support digital systems (such as Teams and EZbooking) for the RPF team. Sharmin has a master’s degree in IT.


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Process Engineering Team

Dr Jeffrey Cheung

Process Engineer

Jeffrey Cheung is the process engineer responsible for the epitaxial growth tools at ANFF-NSW. His role involves user training and process optimisation for a wide range of materials grown in the Pascal pulsed laser epitaxial growth systems as well as growth of III-V heterostructures in the Veeco MBE.

Jeffrey’s background is in oxide heteroepitaxy via pulsed laser deposition. His previous research involved epitaxial nanocrystal growth of functional oxides using in-situ chemical and phase control of the epitaxial species. This research was the focus of his PhD in materials science at UNSW Australia.

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Justin Digweed

Technical Officer: Fibre Fabrication

Justin manages the polymer fibre facility and the prototyping lab at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. He has expertise in fibre fabrication and all aspects of technical support.

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Lars Goran Edvell

Senior Process Engineer: Advanced FBG Facility

Goran Edvell has 20+ years of experience in the photonics industry with special interest in R&D, design, and manufacturing of application specific Fibre Bragg Gratings. Goran has a MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden.

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Dr Josiah Firth

Process Engineer

Josiah is a process engineer with a special interest in microfabrication of biomedical devices utilising deep plasma etch processes (DRIE), plasma deposition (sputtering, PECVD) and metallization techniques including PVD and electroplating. He started his time at UNSW with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering (photonics) followed by a PhD fabricating a prototype device to investigate the use of liquid crystal-based sensor technology for use as a brain—machine—interface. He has worked in various capacities at ANFF-NSW since 2015 transitioning to the role of process engineer in 2017. His role includes a wide array of tool and process training, especially around photolithography, metal and oxide deposition and ITO. Other areas of interest include ellipsometry and more recently ion-implantation. Still actively involved in biomedical device fabrication research, he spreads his time between training lab-users, running client processes and assisting the technical team.

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Dr Jason Hwang

Process Engineer: Nanofabrication

Jason has expertise in nanofabrication of quantum electronic devices, particularly in electron beam lithography, metal deposition, and liftoff. He completed a PhD at UNSW where he focused on building silicon CMOS quantum devices for spin-based quantum computing. As Process Engineer: Nanofabrication at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he is responsible for various tools including electron beam lithography, SEM, ellipsometer, ALD, and RIE.

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Jacky He

Cleanroom Technical Officer

Jacky is responsible for the photomask fabrication facility and has expertise in a variety of nanofabrication techniques. As Cleanroom Technical Officer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he has expertise in CAD Design, photomask fabrication, photolithography, deposition, and process engineering support.

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Ethel Ilagan

Process Engineer: Optical Lithography

Ethel has extensive experience in photolithography, as well expertise in wet processing and microfluidic fabrication. As Process Engineer: Optical Lithography at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, she is responsible for the photolithography tools.

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Dr Liguo Luo

Senior Process Engineer: Advanced FBG Facility

Liguo has more than 20 years’ R&D, engineering, and production experience in photonics. His expertise is in photonics devices including fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs), planar lightwave circuits, and fibre lasers. He worked extensively on engineering processes for high performance and high quality FBG devices. As a senior process engineer, he is responsible for setting up and running the processes at the Advanced FBG Facility. Liguo received his PhD in Optics from Shandong University.

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Saw Saw Nyi Nyi Latt

Saw is a Cleanroom Equipment Officer responsible for process tools and equipment maintenance at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney. He worked at A*STAR, Singapore’s leading research facility for more than 7 years supporting the installation and maintenance of SPTS’s DRIE and PECVD tools.

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Pierrette Michaux

Process Engineer

Pierrette Michaux is a Process Engineer specialising in Nanofabrication. Pierrette completed an Advanced Diploma in Chemistry in 2002, then in 2005 a Master degree in Materials Science at the Engineering College of Industrial Ceramics in France. Pierrette started her career in the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment Laboratory, a division of the French governmental research organization. As a research engineer, she pursued applied research activities in the field of renewable energies, and specifically in emerging processes for Hydrogen production. She developed her area of competences in nanometer sized powders synthesis and nanostructured deposits elaboration. She has experience in many manufacturing processes for oxide based materials and is proficient with numerous physico-chemical characterization techniques. In 2011 Pierrette joined the Victoria-Suntech Advanced Solar Facility at Swinburne University as a Laboratory Technician. In this role, Pierrette co-ordinated operation of various nanofabrication equipment (including electron-beam lithography, ion-beam lithography, PECVD and sputter systems) and was responsible for development of a variety of processes including specialised PDMS processing for a variety of applications. Pierrette joined the ANFF-NSW team in 2014 as a Process Engineer.

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Steve Moody

Senior Technical Officer: Characterisation

Steve’s expertise is in characterisation, having come to us from a role with Microscopy Australia. As Senior Technical Officer: Characterisation at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he is particularly focused ion beam (cross-sectioning, manipulation, lift-out) and multi-beam nanofabrication.

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Dr Gloria Qiu

Senior Process Engineer

Gloria received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Houston, USA. Her expertise is in magnetic thin film deposition and nanostructure patterning for bit-patterned media application. She has also worked extensively on magnetic biosensors. As Senior Process Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, Gloria is responsible for the deposition and dry etching tools.

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Joanna Szymanska

Process Engineer

Joanna Szymanska is the process engineer responsible for technical management of semiconductor processing within ANFF Facility. Responsible for provision of training, and new microfabrication process development.  As area supervisor she’s also responsible for operation and maintenance of upper east and west part of the ANFF Facility.

Her area of expertise is EBL -Raith 150TWO system, UV photolithography, RIE, ICP RIE, thin film deposition  which include thermal and E-Beam evaporation, sputtering, PECVD, ALD, and thermal oxidation. She also has experience in device characterisation by profilometry, AFM, elipsometry, and probe measurements.

She gained her experience from working at CSIRO (13 years) at Marsfield cleanroom Facility mainly on fabrication and characterisation of GaAs devices, and also from the Technical University in Wroclaw in Poland (7 years) on II-V group materials.

She received her Bsc and Master degree in electronics from Technical University in Wroclaw, Poland in 1978.

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Ute Schubert

Process Engineer

Ute Schubert ( Env. & Chem Eng. Fachschule für Technik, Germany) is a process engineer at ANFF-NSW. She is responsible for provision of training and process development for microfabrication process.  Ute also has responsibilities handling the administrative aspects of ANFF-NSW safety processes.  She has over 20 years’ experience in process engineering previously working in the Si and GaAs photovoltaics sectors at CSG Solar Australia, Suntech Australia, Fraunhofer ISE Germany.  Ute joined ANFF in 2014.

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Technical Team

Nelson Briones

Cleanroom Equipment Engineer

Nelson has expertise in high vacuum systems, electronics, and facilities management. As Cleanroom Equipment Engineer at ANFF-NSW University of Sydney, he is responsible for equipment maintenance, electronics, mechanics, managing hazardous materials, and coding for our security systems.

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Dr Mark Gross

Senior Technical Officer

Mark Gross is a Senior Technical Officer. He has worked for more than 35 years in the areas of plasma physics, thin film processing and semiconductor process engineering. He currently provides a range of skills including equipment maintenance and operation, optical characterization, plasma processing and tool design and modification.

Mark received a PhD in experimental physics from the University of Sydney in 1985. He initially worked as a research scientist in plasma processing at the Microelectronics Research Centre in Electrical Engineering at UNSW, which later became the Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility, the precursor to ANFF. He was also an experimental scientist at the CSIRO Division of Materials Science where he worked on optical thin film coating technologies. He joined ANFF in 2015.

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Aung Gyi

Senior Technical Officer

Aung Gyi is working as Senior Technical Officer, assist in maintaining laboratory process tools and plant in good operating order (including component level electronics repairs); ensuring that hazardous gas storage and delivery system is maintained in good order and his responsibilities span all electrical engineering disciplines but will primarily be in the areas related to electro/mechanical control systems for process tools and infrastructure used for micro/nanofabrication of electronics, MEMs, optical and quantum computing devices.

He has more than a decade experience in semiconductor industry. Previously he was working for Silanna Semiconductor Australia as Senior Equipment Engineer for Photolithography, CVD and Hitachi CDSEM since 2015. Prior to joining Silanna he was working for ASML Singapore as Customer Support engineer responsible for installation, relocation and troubleshooting of PAS5500 Scanner, Stepper and YieldStar. Before joining ASML Singapore, he was working for STM Singapore Pte Ltd as Assistant Maintenance Engineer for DCVD thin film department, rendering equipment engineering support for process and manufacturing team. He started his career working for Hewlett-Packard Singapore in 2003 as Technical Specialist supporting high volume 24/7 Inkjet printer cartridge manufacturing facility.

As for education, he attained Degree in Engineering Business Management from University of Coventry and Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering from Singapore Polytechnics.

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Gopakumar Gopi

Senior Technical Officer

Gopakumar Gopi is a Senior Technical Officer responsible for equipment and plant maintenance at UNSW. Prior to joining ANFF, he has worked as a maintenance technician in STM Singapore. His other professional experience includes working as a network engineer at Broadspectrum on NBN project, as a maintenance professional at Halliburton Australia in the oil and gas industry, and as an Electro/ Mechanical Technician Lead at Halliburton Singapore.

Gopakumar received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Sunderland and has a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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