ANFF-NSW host over $25M of process tools for the design and fabrication of micro and nano scale devices supported by an expert team of more than 20 process/equipment engineers (ANFF-Geniuses), which are co-located at UNSW and the University of Sydney.  Our capabilities include electron beam lithography, optical lithography, thin film deposition, fibre fabrication, photomask fabrication, wet chemical processing, dry etching, 3D printing etc which are housed >1,200 m2 of cleanrooms.  Our state-of the-art cleanrooms range from IOS 5 to ISO 7 complete with a comprehensive range of supporting services (specialty gases, high-purity air filtration, process cooling water, exhaust systems, and extensive safety system)


  • Thermal processing
    50 m2 of ISO5/Class 100 cleanrooms housing tube furnaces for silicon CMOS processes.(Upper East Lab, White Area)
  • Electron-beam and optical lithography
    100 m2 of ISO5/Class 100 cleanrooms dedicated to electron beam lithography, thin film ALD deposition, plasma ashing, wet-chemistry and supporting processes. (West and East Labs, White Areas)
  • CVD thin film deposition
    90 m2 of semi-clean (ISO7/Class 10,000) lab space accommodating a suite of plasma deposition tools include PECVD and LPCVD tools, fully serviced with speciality gases (SiH4, DCS, PH3, BCl3, H2, HCl etc) and hazardous gas safety systems. (Upper East Lab, Grey Area)
  • PVD thin film deposition & Dry Etching
    110 m2 of semi-clean (ISO7/Class 10,000) lab space housing a suite of e-beam PVD, sputtering deposition, and dry/plasma etching tools. (West Lab, Grey Area)
  • Metrology & Packaging
    70 m2 of semi-clean (ISO7/Class 10,000) lab space accommodating a suite of wire bonders, wafer scribers, parylene coating, PDMS packaging, wafer-dicing and a probe station. (South Lab Test Area and Lower East Lab Grey Area)
  • Epitaxial Growth Facility
    120m2 of lab space hosting a Veeco III-V molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system and Pascal dual chamber Laser-MBE system along with sample preparation areas (South Epi labs)


  • Cleanroom
    700 m2 of ISO5 / Class 100 cleanroom, housing a full range of micro- and nano-fabrication tools including optical and electron beam lithography, dry and plasma etching, deposition, FIB-SEM, digital and optical metrology, and wet processing
    (Level 2, Sydney Nanoscience Hub A31)
  • Packaging & Soft Lithography Facility
    75 m2 semi-clean lab space for PDMS processing and packaging devices
    (Lab 3021, Sydney Nanoscience Hub A31)
  • Fibre Fabrication Facility
    State-of-art fibre fabrication tower for high performance optical fibres
    (Physics Building A28)
  • Advanced Fibre Bragg Grating Facility
    Lab containing FBG writing rig; FBG test station, including LUNA OVA Optical Vector Analyzer and Agilent Tunable Laser; FBG annealing station; and fibre laser test station
    (Physics Building A28)
  • Prototyping Facility
    Facility for rapid prototyping of structures using 3D Printers and a Laser Cutter
    (Lab 224A Madsen Building F09)

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