ANFF EAST (Lower Lab)

Tools Status Comments
Spinner online
Ultrasonic Bath online
Ovens and Hotplates online
XL30 online
Sirion offline intermittent NPGS PC issue + stage movement issue
AFM online optical zoom not working
Dekak 3030 online
O2 plasma asher online intermittent cooling water issue
Lesker thermal online
Edwards Evaporator (p type) online
SET Evaporator (Edwards) online
Dicing Saw online

ANFF EAST (Upper Lab)

Tools Status Comments
Clean Anneal Furnace online
GP Anneal Furnace online
Boron Diffusion Furnace online
Phosphorus Diffusion Furnace online
Udox Ultra-Clean Furnace online
Clean Si Oxidation Furnace online
Infra-Red Backside Aligner online
Quintel Q6000 Aligner online pressure contact mode only
Dektak 2A online
Jiplec RTA online
PDMS station online
Edwards Sputter online
Hollow-Cathode RIE online
Hollow-Cathode PECVD online
Oxford RIE online
Oxford PECVD offline pump issue

ANFF West Lab

Tools Status Comments
RaithTWO Large Area EBL online
Spinner online
Dektak 150 online
Mask Aligner MA6 online
ULVAC GaAs Annealing Furnace online
GP ULVAC Annealing Furnace online
Millatron offline until further notice
Barrel Plasma Asher online
ALD System online
Muffle Furnace online
ICP Tool online
Au Ball Bonder K&S online
Al Wedge Bonder K&S-4523 online
Au Ball Bonder (Digital) 4524A online
Karl Suiss Wafer Scriber online
Lesker E-Beam Evap PVD75 – GP online intermittent cooling water issue
Lesker E-Beam Evap PVD75 – Si – with RF Plasma online
Sputterer online
Ellipsometer online
Old Probe Station online
Cascade Probe Station online

ANFF South Lab

Tools Status Comments
Veeco MBE Tool online
Future MBE Tool online
Future Ion Implanter online
Laser-MBE Cleaning Station online
Pascal Laser-MBE Chamber A (Clean Process) online
Pascal laser-MBE Camera & Software online
Pascal Laser-MBE Chamber B online

Last updated: March 11, 2016 at 1:46 pm