As published by 7 News, Vaxxas has signed an agreement with the Queensland government to produce enough needle-free vaccine kits to deliver 300 million doses each year.

Vaxxas formed in 2011 and has been harnessing the NCRIS-funded networks of ANFF and Microscopy Australia ever since.

On the announcement, Dr Ian Griffiths, ANFF CEO, said: “We at ANFF are especially proud that the Vaxxas technology is now moving into manufacturing here in Australia, as it was born of ANFF equipment and engineering.

“This is an excellent demonstration of how ANFF has, and will continue to support the rebooting of the Australian economy. We believe this is one of the many ANFF enabled technologies that will start to form a new era of advanced manufacturing in Australia.

“Congratulations to Vaxxas, and to all of those involved in taking what started as outstanding fundamental research, and has been pulled through to become a fantastic platform that will soon be changing lives and creating new jobs.”

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