Dr Dane McCamey from the UNSW School of Physics has recently been named NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year.

Many of the devices Dane uses in his research pass through the ANFF-NSW laboratories for key fabrication steps en route to measurement laboratories within the UNSW School of Physics where Dane studies fundamental electronic phenomena. He aims to identify, characterise and control the many ways that electrons move and interact in electronic materials and devices. This allows him to determine what limits the efficiency of devices such as solar cells and light emitting diodes, and provides a roadmap for improving them. He also studies how electrons are influenced by their local environment, helping him to develop new types of devices (such as sensors) which will enhance future electronic products.

Dane’s research achievements and his commitment to communicating science have been recognised by his Young Tall Poppy award. Of the 13 prize-winners, Dane was honoured with the overall NSW title, and will spend the coming 12 months sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for science with schools and community groups through the outreach program organised by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science.