ANFF-NSW is proud to announce that Ms. Ethel Ilagan was selected as one of this year’s winners of the ANFF Frater Award 2022. The prestigious award was presented to Ethel by Emeritus Professor Chriss Fell (Chair of the ANFF Board) to enable exceptional engineers and administrative staff to foster technical and professional growth via national or international activities. Ethel’s Frater Award was in recognition of her success in delivering high-impact microfluidics projects at ANFF-NSW@USYD/RPF. As an overview – microfluidics devices can be tiny chips that perform chemical analyses of extremely small volumes of fluids such as blood. Lab-on-a-chip devices, often use microfluidics devices which have applications in cost-effective disease detection and many other uses from monitoring to treatment, etc. The Frater award will fund Ethel to visit international laboratories including the Clark Lab at UC Berkeley and the Microfluidics Laboratory at Stanford University to extend her profession knowledge in microfluidic best practice and to enable international benchmarking of her work. These initiatives are geared towards advancing Ethel’s career growth and boosting the ANFF-NSW@USYD/RPF’s capability in the microfluidic space.

Congratulations Ethel!!