Accomplished Technical Director of the Research and Prototype Foundry, University of Sydney and Hub manager for the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) NSW node, Dr Nadia Court, has accepted the exciting role as inaugural director of the Semiconductor Sector Service Bureau (S3B).

Known internally as a highly effective leader by management and colleagues, Nadia began her journey with ANFF-NSW at University of NSW and then moved across to Sydney Nanoscience Hub five years ago to take up the role of Technical Director.

Capable, competent, and always one to get the job done, ANFF CEO Dr Jane Fitzpatrick said Nadia has been much more than a cog in the machine. Maintaining equipment, people and projects across ANFF-NSW facilities, co-located at UNSW and the University of Sydney, Nadia has managed client liaison and developed strategic partners who are now embedded in the Nano Hub and across the ANFF network.

‘From the technical to the political, and everything in between, Nadia has contributed significantly to the development of ANFF, including our international links,’ said ANFF CEO Dr Jane Fitzpatrick. ‘She has engaged her colleagues to explore and expand global interactions and opportunities.’

Involved in University/Government/Industry Micro/Nanotechnology (UGIM) Symposiums in the USA, a regular at Australian government infrastructure conferences and a member of the global Micro and Nano Technologies infrastructure group, Nadia has also worked extensively with National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan to set up and deliver innovative workshops. When the NSW government announced their interest in building the semiconductor industry, Dr Fitzpatrick said Nadia was a natural choice to lead the bid and gather an exceptional group of experts to deliver.

‘Nadia’s ability to build connections, develop collaborations and solve challenges has served the ANFF network well over the years and we are very grateful for her contributions,’ said Dr Fitzpatrick. ‘Nadia is a superb choice to lead S3B and she will do an incredible job ensuring its success as that is the kind of person she is.’

ANFF is a partner in S3B and Dr Fitzpatrick holds a position on the board ensuring ANFF can continue to support the national landscape in Australia’s burgeoning semiconductor sector.

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