Friday, 19 July 2019:  ANFF-NSW has secured > $8.3M  of additional NCRIS/ANFF funding with the signing of a new contract between UNSW and the Australian National Fabrication Facility Limited (ANFFL).  The agreement also formalises the addition of The University of Sydney to join with UNSW within a merged NSW Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).   

The new contract variation will bring $5.2M of operational funds for the next four years, plus $3.1M of capital funds via the Commonwealth Research Infrastructure Investment Plan (RIIP). Moreover, required matching funds commitments for the RIIP component will add a further $3.1M bringing the total expected funding to over $11.4M. The new funding will enable the ANFF-NSW laboratories to be well positioned to maintain and expand cutting-edge capabilities as a core research asset for Australian researchers in nanofabrication, microelectronics and quantum computing.

ANFF-NSW now supports over 400 researchers, including 5 ARC Centres of Excellence (CQC2T, FLEET, Equs, CBNS, Exciton Science) who access more than 20,000 hours/year of ANFF facilities.  Based on acknowledgements in 2018-19 publications ANFF-NSW supports >$190M of ARC/NMMRC funded research projects.  With over $20M of continuous EIS/CRIS/NCRIS funding since 2006, research supported by ANFF-NSW has generated >400 publications, >6,600 citations, >50 publications in high impact journals (IF>10).