Three leading researchers have been awarded Australian Laureate Fellowships to tackle some of the world’s big issues, including ageing, clean energy and quantum computing.

Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak has been awarded an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship in the 2019 round. This award is one of the most prestigious and contested in the research community, with just seventeen new Fellows nationwide this year, and is a huge achievement recognizing sustained outstanding research. Andrew also becomes the School of EE&T’s first-ever Laureate Fellow.

The grant, funded with $2.9M over five years, will develop 10-20 qubit processors based on silicon metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, and aims to resolve critical issues related to readout, error correction, and long-distance on-chip coupling, to pave the way towards commercialization. The fabrication of the qubit processors are done right here at the NSW node of ANFF.

UNSW Newsroom release [Link]