Congratulations to ANFF-NSW user Dr Majid Warkiani for the recent press coverage of his research into microfludic based diagnostic tools

ANFF-NSW user Dr Majid Warkiani has recently made some press about his research on a cancer diagnostic technique, which is now being repurposed to filter cancer cells out of a patient’s body.

The cancer diagnosis technique, developed by Majid, from UNSW’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, is capable of detecting and removing a tiny handful of cancer-spreading cells from among the billions of healthy cells in a small blood sample.

The revolutionary system, which has been described as “dialysis for cancer”, is now in clinical trials in the US, UK and Australia, and is in the process of being commercialised by Clearbridge BioMedics. For further details on this story please visit the UNSW Newsroom.

Earlier this year Majid was also named one of top ten innovators aged under 35 in the Asia-Pacific by the prestigious MIT Technology Review.

The ANFF-NSW team is delighted to be associated with Majid and we anticipate we will see more exciting research coming from him in the near future.