A/Prof Neeraj Sharma (School of Chemistry), Nagarajan Valanoor (Material Science) and Matt Boreland (ANFF-NSW) have been awarded funding under UNSW’s Research Infrastructure Scheme (RIS2023) to support ANFF’s Laser-MBE facility. These funds will enable the procurement of KrF gas, which is essential for driving the excimer laser at the heart of the Laser-MBE system that enables the synthesis of crystalline thin films that empower R&D across a range of applications including microbatteries, nanoelectronic sensors, ferroelectrics and beyond.    Importantly the two years of funding ($20k/yr) will mitigate the impact of the recent 500% prices spikes in the cost of KrF gas (induced by supply chain issue) to safeguard the continuity of high impact research.