ANFF-NSW would like to congratulate a team led by ANFF-NSW Director Prof Andrew Dzurak and Dr Menno Veldhorst for their research being recognised as one of the top ten physics breakthroughs of 2015.

The world-first quantum logic gate in silicon constructed by a team led by ANFF-NSW Director Prof Andrew Dzurak and lead author Dr Menno Veldhorst appeared in Nature earlier this year. On December 11, Physics World, the member magazine of the Institute of Physics recognised the work as one of the most significant breakthroughs in physics of 2015. To meet the criteria for the Breakthrough of the Year Awards the research must be considered as being fundamentally important, a significant advance in knowledge, having a strong connection between theory and experiment and being of general interest to all physicists

You can see an interview with Prof Dzurak on ABC News24 Breakfast about the breakthrough here.

Much of the device fabrication and process development work behind this breakthrough was conducted in the ANFF-NSW laboratories. For more details on this story, please visit:‘top-10-breakthroughs-2015’-0