The new major will train the next generation of engineers to help build a $4 billion Australian quantum industry.

UNSW Sydney has introduced the world’s first undergraduate degree in quantum engineering, in response to a growing need for a workforce that can help Australia share in a multi-billion dollar industry.

The Bachelor of Quantum Engineering (Honours) will train students in advanced electronics and telecommunication engineering, specialising in how to design and control complex quantum systems. The degree will cover nanoelectronics, microwave engineering and quantum technologies for advanced sensors, secure communications and computing.

The program has its earliest origins in the quantum devices and quantum communications courses first developed by Andrea Morello and Rob Malaney around 12 years ago, but expansion of this curriculum in more recent years (and in years to come) and revision to make content accessible to undergraduate students, along with strong support form the School’s education team, has paved the way to grow it into its current form.

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