Epitaxial Growth

Veeco Gen930 III-V MBE

Location UNSW – South Lab
Purpose epitaxial growth of III-V materials
Material systems III-V semiconductors
Source materials Ga, In, Al, As, Sb, Bi
Dopant materials Si, Be
Scale/volume wafers up to 75mm diameter

Pascal pulsed laser epitaxial system

Location UNSW – South Lab
Purpose materials scouting via epitaxial growth techniques
Substrate materials wide range of substrate materials
Target materials LiCoO3, Li3PO4, LiCoO2, VO2, VO3, MoO3, BNBTMn, LSMO, SrTiO3, LaAlO3, SrRuO3, SAO, LLTO, LAO, BTO, LCMO, STO, SrRuO3, NGO, ZMO, BCZT, BSZT
Scale/volume Single wafers up to 25mm diameter
Specifications 248 nm excimer laser. Max energy 400 mJ per pulse, avg power 8 W. Typically energy used ~100 mJ ,
In-situ reflective high energy electron diffraction (RHEED).
Substrate temperatures up to 1000C