Soft Lithography

Coater Brewer Science CB-200

Purpose Spin coater for non-photo-sensitive polymer coating and baking of small samples
Location RPF Lab 3021
Material systems Any material
Scale / volume Can fit in up to 8 inch round wafer and 6 inch square substrate
Specs / resolution The system has proximity, contact and vacuum contact baking capability

PDMS Process Tools

Purpose Casting PDMS devices from a master to replicate features up to nanoscale
Location RPF Lab 3021
Material systems Master material can be silicon, glass, aluminium, plastic, or polymer based substrate
Scale / volume Throughput is up to one 4 inch device per hour
Specs / resolution Can replicate features from 300nm and above

PDMS Station

Location UNSW – Lower East lab (Grey Area)
Silicon Elastomer Sylgard 184 (Dow Corning)
Thickness Range PDMS membranes (10-500um)

PDMS blocks (1-10mm)